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Thanks for stopping by.  I'm Kathy (Kat) Merrett and I created my website in an attempt to share those things that I am most passionate about.  Take a look around and feel free to leave me a note in the Guestbook.

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  Spring is just around the corner.  Three years ago this time we were in the midst of moving from our original site to a larger, more visible location on the square.  We've been over joyed with our decision.  The building footprint is easily three to fours times that of the original location.  John has an incredible workshop.  Our shop is spacious and inviting, plenty of room to showcase vintage treasures, old costume jewelry, rusty gold, etc!  As always my photo gallery features pics from recent happenings.  

Seven years ago on Good Friday a decision was made during a five hour trip from Celina, Tennessee to Indianapolis, Indiana.  This decision set into motion a series of events which were life changing.  I'm happy to say that we followed our hearts in the direction that we beleive God had been leading.  



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