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Spring Babies

For the second year in a row one of our "Momma" Squirrels has nested in the stone columns by the patio in the courtyard.  After watching the babies playing for a couple of days I have named them, Larry, Moe & Curly, better known as the "Three Stooges"!

Pretty "Princess"

Our pretty "Girl", Princess, was 15 yrs. old in this picture.  It was taken shortly before we had to send her across the Rainbow Bridge.    As much as I hate to admit it, I knew  when I shot this photo that her time with us was limited.  I am thankful that I was able to be mindful of her level of discomfort and recognized her pain was interferring with her enjoyment of life.  Together with John and our daughter Casie-Lynne, we allowed her to drift off to sleep for the last time as we cuddled & loved on her.  She ruled the roost for many years.  She loved to chase the squirrels & chipmunks and to sun herself on the deck.  We love and miss her with all of our hearts, however, we take comfort in the knowledge that she is running again, happy & healthy!


The Road Less Traveled

The Road less traveled is the road that I try to follow.  The road that will lead me in new directions.  The road that will take me to unfamiliar places.  When I choose this path I will see things differently, meet people that I am unaccustomed to.  I will grow.......

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