Family is my mainstay.  I've always had an appreciation for my generational family, those who came before me and the influence that they have had on my life.  Growing up on a farm in Greenwood, there were three different generations living there on the same property.  My grandparents, Tommy (Dad) and Flossie (Nonny) Smith, my uncle and aunt Cliff and Pauline Smith, their daughter and my cousin Brenda Kay Smith, my "Momma" Shirley Ann, my brothers Tim and Denny Hestand and my baby sister Lorrie Osborne.


Ours was a very unique family.  I sometimes think that we created the term "blended family".  But I will get into that later on in my blog.


Because of the fact that I grew up on my grandparents farm, I was fortunate to experience a close relationship at a very young age not only with them, but also with several of my great aunts and uncles.  As a child of the early "60's" and because we were farmers, my grandparents were always there.  They didn't work outside of the home.  It was not uncommon for "Nonny" and "Dad's" family to come visit on any given day of the week.  Some of my fondest memories are of me sitting on the concrete porch at the feet of these relatives as they shared stories, one right after another about their childhood.  Without a doubt my favorite stories were those about the Smith family farm in Cub Run, Kentucky.  As far back as I can remember that farm was referred to as "the old home place".  Hence the inspiration for the name of my website and my antique business. 

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My Old Home Place introduces Old Home Place Antiques and Barn Wood Revival Designs.  This is a place where I share my passions and my family.  Thanks for stopping by.


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