It All Started With An Old Man Known As "Dad"....

In my earliest memories my grandpa (known to his children and grandchildren simply as "Dad") was cleaning out garages, basements, etc. for people in Greenwood when he wasn't busy tending to chores on the farm.  There were two sites on our farm where these items were dumped.  I would spend hours rummaging through the trreasures that had been discarded by some of the oldest residents from town.  There were many times that I can remember my Momma saying "Kat, if you drag one more thing into this house I think I'll scream"!  I wasn't affected!  Suffice it to say, I come by my love of "old stuff" honestly!  Dad never threw anything away.  His philosophy was "You just never know when you're going to need that"?  


It is because of "Dad" that Old Home Place Antiques is place where folks can come and reminisce.  They can browse and relive their own special memories.  One of my favorite things about having my own shop is being able to help folks find treasures.  I am so very thankful that Tommy "Dad" Smith was my Grandpa and that I am living a dream that was planted in my heart by him over 50 yrs. ago.  I know that there's a heaven and I believe with all of my heart that "Dad" is watching down over me with a very happy heart of his own.  I love you "Dad"...........


My New Storefront in Celina, Tennessee
Vintage Sharon/Cabbage Rose Federal Glass

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My Old Home Place introduces Old Home Place Antiques and Barn Wood Revival Designs.  This is a place where I share my passions and my family.  Thanks for stopping by.


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