Old Home Place Antiques 3 Years and Counting in Celina,  Tennessee

Time certainly does fly by when you're having fun, and fun is an understatement.  Three years ago July 2nd we opened our shop here in Celina, Tennessee.  We love everything about being part of this amazing rural community.  Clay County is the Gateway to Dale Hollow Lake.  We are located a just a short 3 miles from the Dale Hollow Dam, the Dale Hollow Dam Campground and Dale Hollow Fish Hatchery.  We have our regular customers/friends who frequent our shop.  Some are local and regional, while others visit us each year from locations as far away as New England and Washington state.


 The shop is a mixture of retro, vintage and antique items gauranteed to bring back memories of your childhood.  Our collection includes, but is not limited to pottery, smalls, glassware, tools, games, toys, furniture, artwork, prints, etc.  We will also feature custom made pieces by Barn Wood Revival Designs,  signs and home decor items by Captured Thoughts and one of a kind ink drawings and paintings by B.A. Fox Designs.  We have expanded to include estate items and we also sell some items on consignment when space is available.  If there is an item that you need help locating, we can do that also.


We have two storefront spaces, as well as storage to accomodate our growing inventory.  We will also ship our eBay sales from this location.   God is so very good and we know that we have been blessed beyond measure.  If you are ever in Celina please take time to stop by and visit!





Let's Start at the Beginning.......the Building

The building was a gift from God.  We had been looking for a space to serve as a wood working shop for my husband.  What we found was a store front, one block from the town square.  A perfect little shop with an inviting exterior that with a few minor adjustments (adding a wall, etc.) would serve not only as my husbands work space, but offered more than enough square footage for me to have a shop of my own.  And so the work began!


First things first, thanks to my best friend, Beth McMullen for making a quick unplanned trip with me to Celina to look at and then secure the building.  Also, to my sister, Lorrie Valentine for many hours driving back and forth between Noblesville,  IN and Celina, for many more hours of painstakingly painting the exterior of the building and some interior and last but not least, spending more time with her big sister than she has since we were girls.  I understand that the odds makers in Vegas were taking bets on just how that would turn out!  My brother-in-law Steve for his help loading & unloading and for sharing his wife with her sister!  To my bother and sis in-law for prayers and for producing a quick run of soy and assorted candles.  And of course to my family, John Michael, our daughters Amanda & Casie-Lynne and our granddaughters I apologize for my absence & my absent mindedness during this time of transition.  I love and treasure you all!


What follows is a selection of pics that show our progress from beginning to the, well, beginning!

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